Boats and Yachts Visiting Whitby Yacht Club

 Whitby, North Yorkshire, England 

54 deg 29 min N 00 deg 36.68 min W

Information for visiting boats

Whitby Harbour may be approached safely from any direction except south east. From this direction Whitby Rock Buoy (North Cardinal) must be rounded and kept on port hand.

The harbour entrance is approximately three quarters of a mile from the Rock Buoy. At the entrance a strong set to the east commences some two hours preceding high water, and likewise one to the west commencing shortly after high water.

Leading marks bearing 169 deg true should be visible sited on the east side of the harbour (unlit) consisting of a white triangle for the lower mark and a white circle with a black vertical line for the upper mark. This course should be held until two similar leading marks are sited on the east pier carrying fixed amber lights. Course should now be altered to 209 deg true bringing these second set of marks into line astern.

Great care must be taken before entering in strong NW to NE winds as the narrow entrance may become difficult.

Whitby Harbour Radio maintains a 24 hr VHF watch on channels 11 and 16.

Whitby marina visitors' moorings are in the upper harbour up river of the swing bridge on the starboard side. Large craft moorings are available on Endeavour Wharf by prior arrangement with the Whitby Harbour Office Tel. +44 (0) 1947 602354 or Fax. +44 (0) 1947 600380.

Whitby Swing Bridge maintains a listening watch on VHF channels 11 and 16 two hours either side of high water. The first opening will be as soon as practical two hours before high water and the final opening will be ten minutes prior to two hours after high water. A number of additional bridge openings are arranged on some weekends by Whitby Yacht Club.

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uk_flag.gif The Commodore, Officers and Members of Whitby Yacht Club send greetings to all who sail and extend a warm welcome to visitors.
dutch_flag.gif De Commodore, officieren en leden van de Whitby Yacht Club groeten alle varenden en heten bezoekers van harte welkom.
danemark_flag.gif Whitby Jacht Clubs formand bestyrelse og medlemmer sender de beste hilsener til alle sejlere og byder gæster hjerteligt velkommen.
germany_flag.gif Die Mitglieder und das kommittee des Segelclubs in Whitby grüssen alle Segler und heissen alle Gäste willkommen.
french_flag.gif Le Président, le comité, et tout l'equipage du Whitby Yacht Club offrent un accueil chaleureux au visiteurs du monde de yachting.
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